It Might Get Loud Review

Finally getting a release in Adelaide after having been out in the US for over six months, ‘It Might Get Loud’ tells the story of Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jack White (The White Stripes) and The Edge (U2) and the day the three of them spent together to talk about, and play guitar.

The film is not, as this reviewer expected, 90 minutes of the three guitar legends chatting and jamming. Instead it focuses on how each of them found the guitar, and fell into obsessive love. What makes this more interesting than a concert film is that while the three artists are all using the same six strings, their sound is completely different. The film showcases how these different sounds were formed.

The Edge comes from a punk background. He uses pedals and effects to create sounds far beyond what the guitar can do by itself. Jack White, as shown in the film’s opening where he creates a guitar using very rudimentary materials has a bare bones approach. This comes from his blues roots. Jimmy Page produced the film, and his sections don’t focus on the Zeppelin years, instead showing his time before that as a child performer and sessional musician.

A major theme of the film is that what brings these three very different artists together is an obsession. You see Jack White performing without realising that his hands are bleeding from the strings. You see The Edge pushing himself and his tech crew to get the perfect sound for that one moment, knowing that it may not be used again.

Director Davis Guggenheim was behind the lens for Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, and has shown again that he has the ability to make the simple interesting. This ranges from a former Vice President’s PowerPoint presentation to a sixties rock legend revisiting a record. While there is minimal footage of the three musicians together, these parts build to a great finale running over the end credits. Worth seeing while you can at The Palace Nova.