UniSA Boardriders Club


UniLife Magazine ran a series of articles on clubs students could join. I wrote a few of them, as we found early on that articles written by students without formal writing training would need extensive sub-editing. Other articles in this series interviewed club members, or held an account of a club meeting. As a surfer myself this was easy to write with minimal input from the club itself.

Sometimes a cliché is completely wrong, and is offensive to the people involved.

This doesn’t really apply to surfing; it’s really that awesome.

Proving once again that uni really is much more than studying and a slow and steady descent into alcoholism, The UniSA Boardriders are one of the many clubs you can join, and one of the first to be given a feature in this here magazine. *Some words translated from non-grommit.

The club will provide you with sticks (*surfboards) both foam for beginners and fibreglass for the more advanced, wetties (*wetsuits) as well as training to make you actually justify that 100 dollar Billabong hoodie.

For more info check out the clubs section on unilife.edu.au and follow the links, but before you go out there there’s a few things you should know about surfing. This is so you don’t end up hurting yourself (sometimes funny) or others (rarely funny).

Locals Unless you live at the beach you’re going to, in which case why you’re joining Boardriders is a mystery, there will be people who have surfed that break (*beach) for years. These people can tell you hundreds of stories about that time it was 6 foot and barrelling (*good) while you’re looking at measly slosh (*not good) and will get annoyed at you merely for your existence. Be nice to them and they might just reveal their secret beach.

Sharks No. Just No. According to the internet you have a higher chance of being killed by a coconut or a vending machine rather than a shark. As long as you don’t coat yourself in fish guts before heading into the waves you should be fine. Anyway because it’s a club there will definitely be other people in the water. Just look the least tasty.

Dropping In The Catholics have seven deadly sins, surfers only have one. Dropping in refers to when you enter a wave late, thus cutting in front of someone else who has already claimed it. It is not only a dick move, it can be dangerous because there is a moment where the person who already has the wave is eye level with the pointy end of the other bastard’s board.

Surfing really is a lot of fun and it is pretty easy to learn the basics. Even if you’re never touched a board before the UniSA Boardriders will provide a great environment for you to learn and meet some new people. But most importantly it will give you a great new line with any prospective partners.