UniSA Hockey Club

Much like the Boardriders and the Dance article, this profiled a UniSA club. We tried to have recent sporting results, but our fortnightly turnaround and schedule caused too many issues. This is something that could be organised through the UniLife Magazine website in the future should there be interest from students.

Their Facebook page claims that they are “possibly the best hockey club in the world”, and while that may not be completely true the UniSA Lions Hockey Club is certainly one of the most famous and well organised sporting clubs at UniSA.

Bridging the gap between the social and the athletic, the club organises cocktail nights, barbeques, quiz nights, and an end of year function as well as the upcoming pub crawl on the 7th of May. It’s this social atmosphere that means that the teams are filled with students from other universities, as well as non-students and people who have graduated, yet still continue to be involved.

Hockey may seem like one of the most intimidating sports to learn. There aren’t too many other sports where as a beginner you’re given not only a large stick, but a hard and heavy ball as well. This perception of danger is poorly founded, and players are well padded and mouth-guarded with safety paramount. The club caters for people of any ability, with six teams of varying skill level for men and women. Vice President of the Lions, Zach McLennan says that the club enjoys teaching people new to the game and that “if you’ve never picked up a stick before it doesn’t matter”.

The teams have had a solid start to the season, with an equal spread of 2 wins 2 losses and 2 draws, as well13 goals scored over these six games. Winning is of course important, but like any UniSA club it is not the only reason to get involved. When a game of hockey can lead to a sausage sizzle or a few casual drinks with new friends it’s clear that it may be the hockey that brings them there, but it’s the people and atmosphere that make them stay.

Most UniSA sporting clubs are now starting the 2010 season and the UniLife Magazine sporting pages will be changing over the next few editions to reflect this. Instead of information on specific clubs there will be recent scores and rankings of as many of the teams we can fit on the page.

The change this year to a fortnightly magazine allows us to keep you up to date with your university’s sporting achievements, and our website unilifemag.com will have even more updates. The Adelaide Crows may be a sinking ship this year. It’s time to invest your passion into something even more local.