UniSA Cosplay Club

This was not a planned article, but as the club was holding a BBQ on campus it seemed the perfect opportunity for addition to the clubs series.


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Magill holds BBQs all the time. One of the perks of University I guess. What made this BBQ different was the fact all of the people serving food and drinks, as well as free hugs should you choose to accept, were dressed like characters from their favourite video games and TV shows. James, the club’s leader, explains Cosplay.

“It’s a mixture between the words costume and role-play”, he said.

Members of the club dress as characters, “mainly from Japanese anime and video games” according to James.

When asked why they do this various members of the club have different answers. Julia, dressed as Tenten from anime series Naruto, answers “because it’s fun obviously”.

Terry (far left of the photo), dressed as Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII, laughs and quips that it’s “because we’re stuck in a fantasy world”. Terry has taken the costume and role-playing to the next level, and has a tattoo similar to Snow Villiers’ on his forearm.

James (far right), dressed as Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You, probably best sums it up when he says that “a lot of us love the anime so much we like to bring it into our daily lives”.

The club is larger than you might think, with the Adelaide Cosplay Club featuring over one hundred Facebook members despite only being created a few months ago. There are other opportunities for people to get involved, and the annual Adelaide Anime & Video Game Convention (AVCon) had an attendance of over 4000 last year. The AVCon will be held again in July at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

They may get some odd looks from Magill students walking from class to class, but James and his club don’t really mind, with the emphasis on fun rather than role-playing.

“Dressing up isn’t necessary; we just have fun a lot of the time”, says James.

“We’ve had some anime nights where we just sit together and chill and play video games. And a couple of weeks ago we had ice skating, so we all went down to Thebarton like this (in costume) and had a lot of fun.”

“We’ve got a lot planned for events in the future as well.”

People starting out with their interest in Cosplay are likely to buy their costumes from the internet, although some of the members we talked to had altered store-bought clothes to fit the character. James sacrificed a nice pair of jeans to look the part.

Julia describes Cosplay as “dressing up as costumes and basically playing around”, and for people with an interest in anime and video games this is a great way to meet similarly-minded people, and have some fun along the way.