Inception Review

This was never published in UniLife Magazine, as we had a contributor review the film instead.

It is so rare to go into a film almost completely blind regarding plot points, and so I won’t ruin your experience of Inception by revealing any of the twists and turns of the film. It also helps that the film requires full concentration from the viewer in order to follow, so even if I tried to give away the whole plot, I couldn’t.

In the world of Inception, a person’s dream can be entered by others, and Leonardo DiCaprio plays the leader of a team that goes into people’s dreams in order to steal information. They are hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe) to go into a rival businessman’s dream and plant an idea, instead of take one. This is supposed to be impossible, but as they are hired within the first fifteen minutes you suspect they’ll give it a go.

DiCaprio is the only superstar in the film, but the cast is full of great actors including Ellen Page (Juno), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer), who gets the standout scene of the film, as well as Tom Hardy (an actor to watch, as he’s starring in Mad Max 4) and Michael Caine, fulfilling his contractual obligation to turn up in every Christopher Nolan film since Batman Begins.

Christopher Nolan seems to enjoy making ‘smaller’ films in between Batman instalments, but Inception is in no way a small-scale film. With much of the film taking place within character’s dreams anything is possible. Despite this, the film is kept firmly in reality, with Inception essentially being a heist film with a science-fiction twist.

The film is definitely worth a look, although it may take a few viewings to fully comprehend. This doesn’t make it difficult to enjoy, with the last half-hour turning into a Bond film worthy of Roger Moore. Although ending on an all-too-easy cop-out, Inception is a smart movie that managed to keep its plot a secret right up to the release date, an amazing feat.

By the way, the guy was dead the whole time, the girl was a dude, and it was Earth all along.