Black Dynamite Review

It may not be hard to make a movie that entertains a group of young drunken men (explosions, boobs, repeat) but Black Dynamite goes far above the average Friday night beer-and-pizza movie fare by placing intelligence and creativity next to the stupidity.

The film is a parody of the American blaxploitation films of the 1970’s, and although you don’t need a knowledge of these films to understand the jokes, anyone who has some idea of the genre will be laughing for completely different reasons than everybody else.

The story lurches around all over the place, but the major plot of the film is that the mob kills Black Dynamite’s brother, and Black Dynamite (apparently his real name) must use his CIA training and kung-fu skills to bring the killers to justice.

Giving any more away would ruin the fun of the film, and the film makers accept that Black Dynamite  makes no sense, and instead asks you to just go with it, because that’s the point.

This tone of the film creates more laughs than there should be. Hearing “where is Bucky and what has he had?” doesn’t seem funny on paper, but when Black Dynamite (played by Michael Jai White) says it, it’s hilarious. Prepare to lose friends who will get sick of you reciting the best lines over and over again.

The film was released in the United Sates last year, and despite winning lots of awards and praise sank it without a trace. It has been resurrected through word of mouth and an amazing trailer that manages to not wreck the film’s best bits. The DVD was released in Australia earlier this year.

Search it out, get some alcohol-supplying friends around and enjoy a film that is far more clever than it appears to be. Upon watching it for the first time, a friend of mine turned to me, looked me in the eye and asked “Wanna watch it again?” We didn’t. We watched it the next day instead.