UniLife Magazine Survey Results

Another example of using humour to ensure a serious article is read by as many people as possible. Written by the 2010 UniLife Magazine Editorial Team.


At the end of last semester UniLifeMag ran an admittedly very poorly spelt survey asking for your opinion on how we’d been doing so far. The results were mostly positive, although our readers raised some good points and had some great ideas on how we can improve your magazine.

This article will have a look at some of the comments you made, and taking hints from our feedback, will take both a serious and a silly view.


If you saw it, but did not pick it up, why not?

The cover page didn’t look interesting and I haven’t seen any attention-grabbing key words on the cover.

Serious There has been lots of differing opinion on our front covers. Some like the later editions featuring student art and artsy photos, some like showing people on the cover and others feel the cover should compel them to pick up the magazine. Our style this year has been to have a relatively simple front cover and instead use word of mouth, as well as the website unilifemag.com to make people want to read us. We will, however, be trialling some posters around campus, which will tell you about the new content that will be inside. Keep your eyes out for them!

Wasn’t sure if we could take them or if they were just to look at while you are sitting there.

Silly It’s a magazine not a water feature.

Serious We will be putting something on the cover to remind everyone that it’s there for the taking!

Generally the content feels like it is written by immature party going, rich white kids that are only interested in self indulgent introspective journalism. Some diversity and intelligence would be good.

Silly As I sit on the upper deck of my yacht I feel you may either have a point, or you’re just pissed we didn’t invite you to our last hookers and coke party.

Serious Yes the three major editors for UniLifeMag are white journalists, although the other adjectives don’t really describe us. We have said since day one that anyone who wants to contribute is welcome, just send us an email to unilifemagazine@unisa.edu.au and we’ll add you to our list of contributors. We want as many of the diverse voices that make up UniSA to be heard

My life is too busy to be reading magazines.

Silly Yet not so busy that you can’t fill out a survey?


What can you remember about the magazine? Which article do you remember? What is the first thing that comes into your head?

It smells kind of weird. But I secretly like it.

Silly You’re welcome?

The first thing that comes into my head is ‘this is slightly dodgy but nevertheless enjoyable’.

Serious We’re glad you enjoy its slight dodgyness! We want to keep a student magazine feel without looking unprofessional.

Silly I want “slightly dodgy but nevertheless enjoyable” on my headstone.

Just want to practice my English and reading.

Serious This is not what we had in mind when we started this year’s magazine, but it shows the diversity of UniSA students, and therefore our readers. Please remember that sometimes we make up words to make a point, and also don’t swear as much as we do.

There was one particular article which comes to mind – the bike vs. public transport challenge? Brilliant. I think I may have found my male alter-egos (it’s ok, I also fall in love with strangers on public transport).

Silly We’re both single.

Serious We’re both single.

I remember the chaplain having a section. I don’t know if he still does.

Silly He did, but then he found out what most uni students get up to when they’re not at uni. He’s in Bolivia now.

Serious I say it again; we want as many voices as possible for our magazine and website. If there’s still a UniSA Chaplain, get in touch with us.

The magazine cover with 4 good looking girls.

Silly With Ralph Magazine now having stopped printing, the soft-core porn market is now wide open. Expect far more girls in far less clothing.

The Monkey.

Silly When we asked “what is the first thing that comes into your head?” we were asking about the magazine, not your messed-up mind.


How could UniLifeMag be improved?

Tips for nerds/inexperienced gentlemen who are considering dating (especially on making “interesting” conversation, although I think planes and planets are quite possibly more interesting).

Serious I love this comment. Expect an article soon.

Maybe some iPhone integration.

Silly Place your iPhone and a copy of UniLifeMag into a kiln. The resulting ashes and melting plastic will be a complete integration of the two mediums.

Serious Your UniLifeMag fix can be filled at any time at unilifemag.com, where there’s all the magazine content, plus unseen articles and reviews, as well as an up-to-the-minute events page and gig guide. For those with a fancy iPhone you can read all this on the bus, train or tram. Just not while driving.

Be attractive.

Silly Have you seen the editors?

It should be driven by designers, journalists fill a magazine with content, they should not direct a magazine’s layout/graphics/style… ala entropy.

Serious When a magazine becomes driven by designers it becomes very pretty to look at, but full of wank and Greenpeace ads. As the only university in South Australia with a journalism course, as well as many other quality writing courses we should use this talent available to show off our skills to the other unis. We also have some great design courses at UniSA, and we feel our graphic design team are working well with the editors and contributors to make a magazine that’s nice to look at, but also enjoyable to read.

Survey like is will do.

Silly These are all words, although in this order they make no real sense.

Bring back the old editors.

Serious The editing team changes every year, which we feel keeps it fresh and allows each editor to take a different interpretation of what the magazine should be. There will soon be an advert put out for applications to edit next year’s Mag – if you wanna get your resume in early, email us at uniLife.magazine@unisa.edu.au. Next year’s editors may be more to your liking.

Silly Screw You.