UniSA Gamers Association

Holidays are over, university is back in full swing, and with that comes stress. We all have our various avenues to try and get through the stress of working four days a week for a few hours a day, and for the members of the UniSA Gamers Association their outlet is defeating dungeon-dwelling dragons, zombie slaying, or beating the crap out of Princess Peach in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Yes, the Gamers Association (UniSAGA) is not just a group of nerds sitting in a darkened room playing World of Warcraft. The club gathers people to play tactical and role-playing games, as well as card games and video games – both computer and console.

Scott Cheffirs, formerly president, now one of three club organisers, began the club in his first year of uni. A representative from what was then the University of South Australia Students Association Inc, and is now the much less-of-a-mouthful ‘UniLife’ spoke to him about the importance of non-study related uni experiences. Scott agrees with them, saying it’s “more of the social aspect, not just study.”

“There was no gamers club at UniSA… It started with Magic: The Gathering, which we needed ten people for.”

“We first had card-based games, then board games and role-playing. Star Wars miniature games were there for a while.” Scott says.

“It started at Magill, and moved to Mawson Lakes as most members came from the northern suburbs.”

On the video game side of things, The Wii is still popular, with Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Galaxy, as well as the more adult Resident Evil and Soulcalibur series making regular appearances.

The club boasts fifty members, with an average weekly attendance of around fifteen. UniSAGA is free to join, with even non-uni students welcome.

One of these, Jim, heard about the club when he gave a friend a lift to the Friday afternoon sessions, and has been involved ever since. He says the club is always looking for new members.

“Visitors are always welcome.”