Ultimate Frisbee In The Northern Suburbs

This was the major assignment of my Digital Journalism course.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports around the country, and UniSA graduate Christopher Davis has a major role in bringing the sport to more South Australians. The non-contact sport is popular with uni students, although the sport is fun for all ages, as reporter Angus Randall found out when he spoke to Chris at a come-and-try session earlier this month.

Click HERE for the video, then read my analysis.

I was really happy with this video as there’s always the urge to add more information, and so keeping the length to 1:40 was a challenge.

My voice still needs work, and is something I am continuing to develop.

Chris was great talent, and so I let him do most of the talking, especially in explaining the sport.

While there was the risk of repetitiveness in the shots of frisbee throws, there were enough players of different skill levels to keep things interesting.

One issue was the light, as the competition was held in the late afternoon. We had to work fast in order to keep a consistant light level, although the vox pops at the end are clearly shot later in the day.

My crew of Liam Mannix (camera) and Christie Legedza (sound) worked hard to get the job done as quickly as possible, as well as suggesting shots and locations.