Children Collide Interview

The name Children Collide conjures in the mind a great origin story involving a playground, a swing set, and possibly a bungee cord, but the reason behind the band name is far more mundane. Bassist for the band, Heath Crawley, wrote the phrase on the top of an unpaid bill to try and force his then housemates to pay up. The name stuck but the bill remained unpaid. UniLifeMag spoke to Heath on the eve of their national tour supporting the release of their second full-length CD, Theory of Everything. The band seem to be always on the road, whether on their own or as part of a festival (the band feature on the line-up for Falls, Southbound and Sunset Sounds, plus heaps more) and UniLife asked Heath the reasons behind this hectic schedule.

“We just love playing live basically. It’s been funny we’ve just had almost a couple of months off in a row and we all start to go a little bit mad if we’re not out there doing it.”

Heath takes a positive view of the touring life, saying that there are not specifically downsides.

“They’re all things that you get used to and they become part of your life. Obviously being locked in a van with four other stinky dudes is not necessarily the coolest thing for extended periods of time.”

As for the many summer festivals they’ll be playing, he hasn’t fully checked out who will be with them on the bill, but says that it doesn’t really matter.

“I think the atmosphere’s gonna be that electric that I think we could be watching pretty much anyone and having a good time.”

Jelly Legs The first single from the new album, was banned from Video Hits as it features a telescopic camera going up lead singer Johnny Mackay’s nose and into his throat, although this ban didn’t fuss the band too much.

“We’re not really concerning ourselves too much with what rules and regulations may be hit upon us. I mean we’re not going to go out there and make a porno or something!”

“We kinda liked the idea of rubbing some people the wrong way just occasionally and making a bit of a stir I guess.”

Theory of Everything is released with one of thirteen tarot cards, which represents a song on the album. Heath assures us that this isn’t to make fans buy the album multiple times, and that it just added something extra to the physical release.

“Basically a tarot card is a collection of visual symbols that the reader, or the person being read for, can relate to their own life and read it in their own unique way, and it’s the same as a song. A song is just an audio version of a compiled bunch of symbols. Everyone can hear the same song and pull it apart and relate it to themselves as much as any tarot card.”

“There has been a little bit of confusion. Some people think we’ve written an album about tarot!”

Favourite Album: “At this point in time I have none so I’ll go for my previous favourite album which would be Pink Flag by a band called wire.”

Most Embarrassing Album: An album by 80’s band Gene Loves Jezebel – “It’s embarrassing. It’s the worst parts of hair metal and bad pop. It’s just tacky, tacky shit.”