Goodbye To UniLife Magazine

Written by the whole UniLife Magazine 2010 editorial team.

Ten Issues. Hundreds of Hours. 500(ish) Pages. Thousands of words. Heaps of Mexican food.

As the curtain closes on our time as UniLifeMag editors, and an encore seems unlikely, we take a look back at the year. It was stressful, exciting and unusual all at the same time. We had experiences we never thought possible (Our sexpo article never saw the light of day, despite five media passes). We had ideas that never got past a stern look from Alicia (our pro-everything edition – including articles on pro-global warming and pro-seal clubbing – which, despite giving an often forgotten minority a voice, was quickly halted). It was not always fun, and often caused stress beyond belief, but these moments pale into insignificance when we look at the larger picture.

When we came together to create UniLifeMag, we wanted to make a magazine that recognised and reflected just how awesome you, our audience, really are. We think that you guys do some amazing things – both in your lives, and on campus – but nobody really knows about them. This year, in the pages of this magazine, we’ve tried to show you some of those amazing things. We’ve highlighted the events and clubs on campus – and been rewarded with reports of higher participation. We’ve highlighted some of the incredible stories of our peers – and been rewarded just by knowing them. And we’ve opened up our pages to you, our audience, by asking for contributions – and been rewarded with some astonishingly good writing. So thankyou, for being so awesome.