Exit The Sandman Review

Steve Abbott is parting ways with his alter-ego ‘The Sandman’, and he’s brought friend Mikey Robins along to help say goodbye. For those who can’t remember The Sandman’s appearances on Triple J, ABC and SBS over the last twenty years this show will not be for you, as like so many farewell tours it’s a retread of old material.

Mikey Robins is surprisingly a newcomer to the stand-up comedy scene, with some of his first ever shows here in Adelaide eight months ago. His set hasn’t changed much since then, and a less-known comedian could not get away with Mikey’s use of stereotypes and uninspired swearing. The mostly middle-aged crowd seemed to enjoy it, but until he freshens up his performance he will continue to coast along with jokes about Tasmania and pandas.

The Sandman enters the stage looking resplendent in a pink suit a few sizes too small. Instead of a greatest hits package, he performs old material that didn’t work when it was first performed, and tries to see if it will work now. This makes the show pretty hit-and-miss, although his deadpan style means that even if the joke is poor, the delivery is entertaining. Mikey joins The Sandman for the big musical finish and you get the feeling they are having a lot more fun than we are.

Both performers will do anything for a laugh, with The Sandman using funny noises and groin thrusts to get a response from the audience. Their humour has drifted out-of-date, and when there are so many new comedians around Adelaide right now, Exit The Sandman may not be worth your time. Catch Mikey on Good News Week where he’s a lot more comfortable, and hunt down copies of the Sandman’s radio serials and stories for a fitting goodbye.