Behind The News

As part of my Journalism/International Studies degree I took part in a two week placement with the ABC children’s news program Behind The News. I chose BTN because I had worked in print and radio, but had minimal television experience.

I worked out fairly quickly that it wasn’t for me, but enjoyed my time there as it was interesting to see not only how a television program is created, but also how this is tailored for children. I spent time on location and green screen shoots learning the technical roles as well as what goes on in front of the camera.

During my time with BTN I grabbed vision from AAP’s news wire, then scripted my piece using the information given. I edited the vision to fit my script and added background music. I only completed two videos, with the rest only reaching the scripting or vision editing stage.  Scripting and speaking for children is a real skill, which becomes obvious when you compare my pieces with those created by the BTN team.

The vocal and script training came in handy when producing pieces for Radio Adelaide such as World Water Day as it taught me how to get a message across as efficiently as possible. Due to copyright restrictions I cannot link to the videos I worked on, but if you would like to see them please send me an email on