Runaway Sheep in Baaaaamera

During my time with Behind The News I also wrote for the News on 3 website. The posts have since been replaced on the site and are reproduced here. These short articles further developed my skills in writing for a specific audience. It also enabled me to work in the medium of puns!


Runaway Sheep in Baaaaamera

Spain has the Running of the Bulls, but in the small South Australian town of Barmera the locals have the Running of the Sheep.

Around 350 sheep set off down the main street to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Barmera Sheep Dog Trials.

People were kept safely behind barriers, meaning no people or sheep were hurt.

The organiser Bob Clark was happy with how the event turned out.

“We were nervous about how it would go, but the sheep all behaved themselves and ran straight down the street to the oval,” he says.

“It’s been rather over the top, it’s been great, great for the area.”

Bob is retiring this year, and hopes the sheep run will become an annual event.

“So we might do it again next year because it was so popular, but that will be up to whoever picks up the baton,” he says.

The Running of the Sheep was trialled last year although not everything went smoothly, according to Anne Irwin, a volunteer.

“One of the sheep jumped the barriers and headed off down the road before jumping through the window of someone’s house,” she says.

Thankfully, no one was home.

Perhaps the baa will be raised next year!