What Gives A Baseball Its Grip?

 During my time with Behind The News I also wrote for the News on 3 website. The posts have since been replaced on the site and are reproduced here. These short articles further developed my skills in writing for a specific audience. It also enabled me to work in the medium of puns!

Question of the week – What gives a baseball its grip?

Before every major baseball game in the United States the ball is rubbed with mud to give it more grip.

But this isn’t just any mud.

It comes from a secret location by a riverbank in the state of New Jersey, and it’s been used before every major league game for over 70 years!

Before the famous mud came around, players used shoe polish and even dirt from under the grandstand to help with grip.

The pitcher needs a good grip on the ball to control where it will go and how fast it will be.

You can bet this ‘magic mud’ will be sticking around for generations to come!