Jeremy Miller – Australian Cycling Conference

This was my first live interview as part of my week presenting Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast program.

I worked well to build up a rapport, but broke this with a sudden shift to the first question. Something I need to work on is creating a flow between questions so that it sounds like what the guest is saying affects where the conversation goes. This also means I should work on asking questions with more confidence, and there is a difference in my presentation when I know what I’m talking about – for instance the Frome Road bike path.

I feel I kept a reasonable focus on the urban planning aspect of the issue, although the interview was too long and should have finished up after the Frome Road discussion. Ending a conversation on radio is different to saying goodbye to a friend, and I must ensure there isn’t thirty seconds of saying goodbye at the end of an interview.

I may sound harshly critical, but this was a good starting point for the week.


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