Australian Youth Climate Coalition

I received an invite to a rally from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and decided that instead of organising an interview for Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast program, it would be better to make an appearance and hold some interviews there.

The interviewing took around half-an-hour, and the editing took around 90 minutes.

I contacted Senator Penny Wong’s office both in person and over the phone, but they were unwilling to comment. I thought a comment from the Senator about how it was good to see young people passionate about issues would be a good way to finish the piece, but returning to the original voice worked as well.

I asked some more pressing questions on the day, but they changed the tone of the interview and I felt a simple piece would work better within the timeframe.

FEEDBACK: The background music worked well to join the grabs together, and mixed in nicely with the background noise of the rally, but I have been told it was slightly too loud, and I agree. One person told me it was clear those interviewed had no clue what they were talking about, and another said it was good to cover an event not seen in other media, so I guess that means the piece allowed the listener to make up their own mind, or at least fit in with pre-existing opinions.

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