Passenger (Plus Exclusive Song!)

I caught the end of Passenger’s set when he was busking in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall. While the next day’s Radio Adelaide Breakfast program was already full of content, I asked whether he would be able to come in the next morning for a pre-record that would be broadcast on the day of his show in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The presenter for Friday’s show had space for a ten minute interview and performance, so the interview below was edited to include only one song and removed my intro as this was spoken on the day.

I was happy with the interview, as I enjoy featuring musicians and I generally know what I’m talking about. I still need to work on my transition from conversation to question, but this comes with experience.

Download Interview
Here are the two songs he played during the interview. All The Little Lights is the title track from his new album, and the second one is currently untitled, as he only wrote it a week beforehand. An exclusive track!

Download All The Little Lights

Download Untitled