United Nations World Water Day

For World Water Day many of the Radio Adelaide Breakfast Producers were asked to make a piece on water and food security. When deciding on a specific area to cover I struggled under a glut of statistics until I realised that the brief asked to highlight not only awareness, but solutions. I then decided to focus on what Radio Adelaide listeners could do to cut down on water use in food production in the home.

Instead of conducting an interview I wrote what was essentially a monologue, albeit with small grabs and jokes to break-up the information. The vocal training I took part in during an internship with children’s education program Behind the News was helpful as it taught me how to convey lots of information in a short amount of time whilst maintaining interest for the listener.

Music was the last component added to the package, as it wasn’t hugely important. I stayed away from anything that mentioned water, and followed some recent advice to change the music at some point to provide a sense of flow.

Despite a rush to finish before deadline I’m proud of the piece as I feel it mixes the serious with the humorous, and not only raises awareness but also gives the listener some easy actions to become part of the solution.

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