When Hanson announced their Australian tour, like many people my age I scoffed at the band most remember for the late-90’s track MMMBop. On a whim I emailed their publicist with the rather ballsy title ‘Radio Adelaide Interview Opportunity’ asking if the band could come into the studio when they were here in September.

On the Tuesday before the interview I received a reply asking whether I was interested in a phone interview with a member of the band. While the major appeal of an interview was their visit to the Radio Adelaide studios, I said yes as I felt it would be interesting and hopefully would strengthen my relationship with the publicist for a live interview down the track. After doing some research and listening to their newer material I came to the conclusion that Hanson was awesome. Their excellent tribute to the Blues Brothers was the major sell, but their new album is a lot of fun. I even bought tickets to their show!

Despite a crackly phone line I felt the interview went well. The interview was pre-recorded on the Thursday, allowing me to clear up some of the umms and ahhhs. This along with the State Budget served as the core of the program and I could thread the rest of the content around these two major interviews.

Listen to the interview at Radio Adelaide Breakfast.