David Bradbury – Lizard’s Revenge

The Lizard’s Revenge protest action was covered throughout the week on Breakfast, and so for the Friday show the challenge became finding a new angle on the story. Tim had spoken with those at the camp and those who organised the event, so when the opportunity to interview documentarian David Bradbury came up it was a chance to get not only a update on the previous 24 hours, but also his experiences in these kinds of actions over the past 40 years.

The interview was a little long and in hindsight there was a good point to stop five minutes in. The information about where the ‘lizard’s revenge’ name came from could have been in the intro and asking about it allowed for a soapbox, which wasn’t the main intention.

I’m happy with the interview as an example of a current affairs piece, as it always great to be on top of a story as it happens.

Hear the interview at Radio Adelaide Breakfast.