SA’s Odd Underage Drinking Laws

After doing some research into South Australia’s laws and John Gardner’s proposed bill this topic really interested me and I was looking forward to the interview. In the end there was so much I didn’t get to cover, including how consent would actually be given, but one of the skills of a breakfast radio presenter is being able to end an interview before the audience loses interest.

While the interview felt natural I need to learn how to sell a question if it opens my intro. There was also a moment where it became clear that my brain was trying to catch up to my words, although I’m sure it bothers me more than anyone listening at the time. Having a direct quote from a different politician on this issue added authority to what I was asking and allowed me to direct the interview to that area of the issue. As the bill progresses I’ll definitely look to cover it again on the program, and maybe I can finish asking the questions I wrote in JulyA

Hear the interview at Radio Adelaide Breakfast.