Brendan Benson

As a massive fan of The Raconteurs/Saboteurs I was excited to interview Brendan Benson who co-wrote with Jack White in the band. The interview was reasonably awkward, and I think some of that came down to starting with a complex question. I’ve noticed that some musicians really enjoy talking about the craft of creating music, and others just like to talk about the experience. Both can make for entertaining interviews, although I predicted that he’d want to talk more about the craft.

Through a mixture of changing the avenue of questioning and post-interview editing I think the final piece comes up well. I kept the whole thing moving fast and by the end I think he had warmed up a bit. While live interviews give a real energy to them that is hard to replicate, it is nice to have that safety blanket of knowing an interview can be improved in editing.

Hear the interview at Radio Adelaide Breakfast.