Shiner Than Ever

I often wonder what happens to websites that are forgotten. They don’t fall into disrepair; there are no cobwebs forming around the corners of your browser. Rather they remain in pristine albeit outdated condition, remaining a time capsule that details a period of importance. But all time capsules must be opened.

The sheer amount of content created through Breakfast on Radio Adelaide over the past few years meant I could never keep up with posts on this site, especially with all of those interviews available just around the internet corner at our Breakfast website.

During those first few months on Breakfast and in while I was completing my Journalism degree the main goal of this site was to chronicle my journey into the industry. Having made a small but important foothold this site can now focus on showcasing what I have to offer through some of my favourite interviews.

The aim is to post the best of Breakfast every week. This is the goal, although we’ll see how that goes.