Birthing Kits, Libraries and Houses

The best of Breakfast  – 18 to 21 August

Sometimes all it takes for a good interview is an engaged talent. The brief about a team of volunteers awarded for their work with birthing kits may not have sounded brilliant on paper, but the talent was bright and bubbly and made for great radio.

It was a similar thing in covering the State Library being recognised as one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. There was a risk this would be a series of dry facts and figures, but the talent brought true emotion to the interview and I worked to bring out some of the best and most interesting stories.

The House of Review is going from strength to strength and I’m proud of the work Rupert, Chris, myself and the Twitter-free Harry are creating. Opposition leader Stephen Marshall called House “great SA radio!” and I agree. This week we picked the low-hanging fruit regarding Joe Hockey’s “poor people don’t drive” gaffe. Plus I’m really proud of that Scarface gag.