#AbbottFence, Emmys and Eskimoes

The best of Breakfast  – 25 to 28 August

A musical highlight was a chat and live performance from Kav Temperley, frontman of Eskimo Joe. I’ve followed the band’s career for over a decade so I was able to let that knowledge come through without being too overbearing and ‘fanning out’.

There were a few stories this week that would require me to go fairly off-script, which included our coverage of the Adelaide Uni protests, dubbed #AbbottFence on Twitter. I was asking some tough questions to the student union president so had to be well-informed and ready to back-up my lines of inquiry.

Our Emmys coverage had no script, with producer Kate and myself just riffing off a list of the winners and nominees. It’s something I’d like to do more of as it’s an enjoyable challenge.