Hostels, Aging and Alpacas

The best of Breakfast  – 22 to 25 September

A week of interesting people telling interesting stories. My family has been affected by Alzheimer’s so it was great to hear about some of the support for carers through a new handbook. The author told her story clearly for a very emotional topic, without being too intense for breakfast radio.

The big news in state politics was the axing of more than 100 boards and committees. We covered this from two angles, firstly with Tourism Minister Leon Bignell and then with independent Upper House member John Darley. The Bignell interview was unscripted as we locked him in that morning and I scribbled down a few notes before going to air. Alpacas make an appearance in both interviews.

Another case of good talent and good story is the experience of migrants in migrant hostels. It’s something we’ve covered before, but the tales that come from the topic are always fascinating.