Current Affairs, Improvised Instruments and More Alpacas

The best of Breakfast  – 29 September to 2 October

I thought I’d focus on some of the current affairs highlights this week. With Ebola, refugees in Cambodia and a double shot of ASIO accessing our computers and prosecuting foreign fighters it was a big week for news and I love covering these big breaking stories.

A sad but important local story was the inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine. It’s harrowing stuff and Sean Fewster has been there since the beginning of the case. I know Sean through my work at the Advertiser and he was able to distil the many factors of the case into a great seven minutes of radio.

The protests in Hong Kong were also big international news, and former diplomat Richard Broinowski is our go-to talent for Asian analysis. Once again a case of someone who knows their stuff making complex situations easy to understand in a short amount of time.

A non-news highlight was my chat with Mike McClellan and Danny O’Keefe. The production team was told that only Mike was coming in, so when Danny joined him we threw the script out the window. I love talking to musicians about their instruments so we had some fun.

Also, House Of Review this week was excellent. We’re really hitting a stride in the the new format.