Ebola First-Hand, Quiet Faith and Unscripted Interviews

The best of Breakfast  – 7 to 9 October

I’ve been looking to build on my impromptu interview skills, which is a tricky thing to balance in current affairs radio. There is a desire to have all of the facts at hand along with complete control over the interview, but this may be frustrating for the listener who wonders why you didn’t ask the obvious follow-up question. Our Breakfast regulars are good opportunities for something more off-the-cuff as seen in the state politics update with Dr Rob Manwaring. We only had a brief outline prepared so pretty much everything including the intro was unscripted.

We’ve covered Ebola a few times before but it was a unique opportunity to speak with someone who has recently been working in West Africa for Médecins Sans Frontières. We covered the politics of Australian Government involvement (or the lack of it) in the interview but it was fascinating just to hear a first-hand account.

Breakfast has a highly-varied brief which includes locals arts productions. The mix of  religion and politics is always worth a look and what could have been a mere promotion of new play Quiet Faith turned into a larger discussion about the topics the production covers.

Returning quickly to impromptu interviews, Max Savage is always an interesting man to speak with and the most recent chat with Max and Thursday co-presenter Chris was no exception. Chris and I are involved with the organisation of the Boxing Day Cup, so watch this space!