From St Kilda (Adventure Playground) To Kings Cross

The age-old argument between Melbourne and Sydney may dress itself up as a reasoned debate about landmarks, transport, sports teams and culture, but ultimately it comes down to whether you are a Melbourne person or a Sydney person. It also conveniently ignores the rest of what Australia has to offer.

I am an Adelaide person.

I love its organic culture, its potential and that it’s always trying to improve itself. I would be happy to spend my life with Adelaide as a home base as I go out and explore the globe, but for the next few years at least that won’t be the case.

The 20th of August will be my last show on Breakfast on Radio Adelaide before I head off to Sydney to start work with the ABC. I’ll be producing the overnight news for ABC radio, having found the only media job with less-friendly hours than breakfast radio!

Leaving Breakfast is not a decision I made lightly. I love the program and what it’s become over the past four years. Seeing the wealth of young talent that’s come through the show leaves me confident in the future of journalism and I look forward to seeing how the program improves with somebody else at the helm. More info on the next stage of Breakfast HERE.

Less publically known is my work at The Advertiser. I’ve enjoyed my time there learning the operations of a large newsroom and have been thankful for their support when increasing my commitments to Breakfast.

I’m making the move to a city I never thought I’d live in because of love (love!) and the career opportunities within the ABC that Sydney offers. I may not be a Sydney person yet, but that’s mainly due to ignorance and easily-accepted cliches. Much as I worked to find the Adelaide beyond Hindley Street and Fruchocs I’m looking forward to finding the real Sydney beyond bronzed Bondi and whatever a ‘Westie’ is.

Thanks for following my adventures on what was once ‘Shiny Journalism’. I imagine this site will once again go through a period of neglect, but I’ve said goodbye to it before so it may come back in some form.

Wish me luck!

The chickens will be staying in Adelaide. Finding a house in Sydney is hard enough. Finding one for six chickens is  nigh on impossible.