Ahoy Hoy From Woy Woy

It’s been a little over a week since I moved to Sydney and began work with the ABC so I thought I’d post an update on my new job.

I’m an overnight producer with the ABC’s international desk – one of the few 24-hour positions in the newsroom. I write international news stories that go out to the ABC radio network for any producer to grab for their bulletin. Any time you hear an international story on the news it’s probably come through that desk.

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From St Kilda (Adventure Playground) To Kings Cross

The age-old argument between Melbourne and Sydney may dress itself up as a reasoned debate about landmarks, transport, sports teams and culture, but ultimately it comes down to whether you are a Melbourne person or a Sydney person. It also conveniently ignores the rest of what Australia has to offer.

I am an Adelaide person.

I love its organic culture, its potential and that it’s always trying to improve itself. I would be happy to spend my life with Adelaide as a home base as I go out and explore the globe, but for the next few years at least that won’t be the case.

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Is the City Festival Dead?

Ears are still ringing from Splendour in the Grass which for many is now the most important date on their festival calendar. A reunited Outkast certainly encouraged people to find their tent pegs and inflatable pillows, but the larger trend of weekend regional events is hitting inner-city festivals hard.

The Big Day Out heading on an indefinite hiatus made headlines earlier this year, but other city festivals have recently left holes in the line-up. Homebake cancelled their event on the steps on the Sydney Opera House in 2013 and don’t plan on returning this year. The cancellation of Harvest last year due to poor ticket sales was almost forgotten as rumours Soundwave boss AJ Maddah would take a share in the Big Day Out swirled. Those who couldn’t make it to Byron Bay for Splendour could see some of the acts at the appropriately-named Spin Off festival in Adelaide in 2012 and 2013, but the event has not been continued. Continue reading “Is the City Festival Dead?”

This Post – You Probably Haven’t Heard Of It

After spending the time since finishing uni writing for radio, I realised I hadn’t written for myself. With a topic I’d been meaning to write on for a while, I set myself a few rules for this piece. In the more humorous articles for UniLife Magazine I relied heavily on brackets to jam as many jokes into the piece as possible. This is lazy writing, so you’ll find no brackets. I also wanted to keep it short, at under 500 words. Being able to write thousands of words on any topic is a skill but severely hurts your chances of publication. My third constraint was time, with the article being handwritten, typed and edited in 90 minutes. I’m not having a go at anyone, hipster or no, in this article, I just wanted to get my thoughts on the subject down in print as opposed to shouted from the end of a bar.

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Lincoln College International Night Video

This video was purely for my enjoyment. Ever since taking Media Studies in Year 11 I’ve had an interest in making short films, as evidenced by Seven Nation Angus. Oscar Saunders and myself created the video for residential college Lincoln College, where we both lived for three years of our studies. It’s not journalism, and most of the jokes are in-jokes, but it is a work I am proud of. Click HERE to view the video. Continue reading Lincoln College International Night Video