The Internet Is Gone, Commence Looting!

If you attempt to trawl through my Radio Adelaide back catalogue on this site you’ll find broken link after broken link. My entire Radio Adelaide presence has been erased as the station moves to a new site. Luckily I was told before the clearance began and was able to download some favourites, but the rest have been cleared. I’m not grumpy about this – I no longer work there and server space is limited – but I never really considered something that was on the internet would suddenly disappear. So if you find yourself clicking on something that isn’t there, … Continue reading The Internet Is Gone, Commence Looting!

A Trio of Corkers

Here are three interviews I’m particularly proud of. The first two are a lot of fun with musicians who kept me on my toes. They show a willingness to go off script, and in the case of Steve Poltz, accept that any script will go out the window. The third is an interview with the head of Families SA the day after the Chloe Valentine inquest ended. It was one of his first interviews since the recommendations were handed down and a nice chance to flex the more journalistic muscles. Musicians The Beards Musician Steve Poltz Families SA boss Tony … Continue reading A Trio of Corkers

A Fringe Baker’s Dozen

Here’s a round-up of my best and favourite Breakfast interviews from Mad March in what is hopefully alphabetical order. It’s pretty comedian-heavy as I can generally freewheel with the guest and enjoy going off topic with a fast-paced mind. Comedian Angus Hodge Musical comedians Axis Of Awesome Comedian Celia Pacquola Comedian and musician Jason Chong & Chris Weber Comedian Justin Hamilton Cabaret performer Le Gateau Chocolat Comedians Luke McGregor & Tom Ballard Comedian Martin Mor Sketch comedians Max & Ivan Cabaret performer Michael Griffiths Comedian Scott Dooley Comedian Umit Bali Comedian Wil Anderson Continue reading A Fringe Baker’s Dozen

Ebola First-Hand, Quiet Faith and Unscripted Interviews

The best of Breakfast  – 7 to 9 October

I’ve been looking to build on my impromptu interview skills, which is a tricky thing to balance in current affairs radio. There is a desire to have all of the facts at hand along with complete control over the interview, but this may be frustrating for the listener who wonders why you didn’t ask the obvious follow-up question. Our Breakfast regulars are good opportunities for something more off-the-cuff as seen in the state politics update with Dr Rob Manwaring. We only had a brief outline prepared so pretty much everything including the intro was unscripted. Continue reading “Ebola First-Hand, Quiet Faith and Unscripted Interviews”

Current Affairs, Improvised Instruments and More Alpacas

The best of Breakfast  – 29 September to 2 October

I thought I’d focus on some of the current affairs highlights this week. With Ebola, refugees in Cambodia and a double shot of ASIO accessing our computers and prosecuting foreign fighters it was a big week for news and I love covering these big breaking stories.

A sad but important local story was the inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine. It’s harrowing stuff and Sean Fewster has been there since the beginning of the case. I know Sean through my work at the Advertiser and he was able to distil the many factors of the case into a great seven minutes of radio. Continue reading “Current Affairs, Improvised Instruments and More Alpacas”