A Shark, A Kayak And A Big Break

Whilst producing my first show in my new role as Radio Adelaide Friday Breakfast presenter I received an email from the Advertiser asking if anyone knew Flinders University Michael Demasi as he’d been involved in a shark attack. I’d been surfing with Michael and he was close to my good friend Elise Lavers who was the hero in the story. I contacted Bryan Littley who was trying to find Michael and told him I could get a phone number. I didn’t have Michael’s direct line but made contact with mutual friends. With the Breakfast Show finished and no reply yet from Michael, I called Bryan and he asked me to come into the office to help with the story, offering me a by-line. Continue reading “A Shark, A Kayak And A Big Break”


Adelaide Comedy Debate Review

I went to see the Annual Comedy Debate as part of the Adelaide Fringe and asked the arts editor at the Advertiser whether anyone was reviewing the show for the paper. They were keen to fill space and so I wrote and edited this within around half an hour. It was published next to a giant picture of comedian Rob Hunter, and so the review took up almost an entire page of Adelaide’s major news source. Here is the original article from the Advertiser’s website, or you can read below.

In keeping with the apocalyptic nature of 2012, the fifth annual Comedy Debate posed the question – can comedy save the world from the apocalypse? Continue reading “Adelaide Comedy Debate Review”

Scarecrow & The Army Of Thieves Review

This was the first piece I had published in the Adelaide Advertiser. It’s not my best work, but it was good to get something published in such a major newspaper. Something I felt this piece showed was that I need to work on writing in a less distinctive voice. I have a certain style of writing which worked well for UniLife Magazine, but I must be able to write in various styles depending on the subject and the publisher.


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Captain Shane Schofield (aka Scarecrow), with his last adventure released in 2005.

Not much has changed, with Scarecrow and his team of Marines and civilians yet again facing impossible odds and a plot to change the world, all while angering the French. Continue reading “Scarecrow & The Army Of Thieves Review”