Goodbye To UniLife Magazine

Written by the whole UniLife Magazine 2010 editorial team. Ten Issues. Hundreds of Hours. 500(ish) Pages. Thousands of words. Heaps of Mexican food. As the curtain closes on our time as UniLifeMag editors, and an encore seems unlikely, we take a look back at the year. It was stressful, exciting and unusual all at the same time. We had experiences we never thought possible (Our sexpo article never saw the light of day, despite five media passes). We had ideas that never got past a stern look from Alicia (our pro-everything edition – including articles on pro-global warming and pro-seal … Continue reading Goodbye To UniLife Magazine

Buried Review

So many films rely on their hook. A simple premise that makes you want to part with your hard-earned cash. Buried has an easy-enough-to-understand idea, but it’s not a terribly popular one. I doubt the general population were saying “you know what I want to see, Ryan Reynolds in a coffin for ninety minutes”, although those who saw The Proposal probably wanted this state to be permanent.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up buried underground in a coffin after his truck convoy was ambushed in Iraq. He finds a cigarette lighter and a phone with him, and discovers he is being held to ransom and will suffocate if the American Embassy does not pay the kidnappers in time. In the whole film we only see what he sees. There are no shots of Government agents desperately scouring the area, or worried family members back home. Continue reading “Buried Review”

The College Debate

The last in the series of Liam and myself sniping at each other. For more silliness read Public Transport vs Magic Bike.

College. Yes.

Our society gives members of certain groups special indulgences. This concession usually begins with stating their unusual behaviour, followed by the words “It makes sense, they’re …”

They seem to be missing the majority of their teeth. It makes sense, they’re Collingwood supporters.

They seem to be acting with a sense of unspoken entitlement. It makes sense, they’re from Adelaide Uni. Continue reading “The College Debate”

Children Collide Interview

The name Children Collide conjures in the mind a great origin story involving a playground, a swing set, and possibly a bungee cord, but the reason behind the band name is far more mundane. Bassist for the band, Heath Crawley, wrote the phrase on the top of an unpaid bill to try and force his then housemates to pay up. The name stuck but the bill remained unpaid. Continue reading “Children Collide Interview”

Upcoming Films Part Two

Part One was published in an earlier edition of UniLifeMag.

A new batch of films to see raises many questions. I answer none of them. Release dates were correct at time of printing. You know how fickle those arty types are.

Paranormal Activity 2 (October 21)

In the history of film, when has a horror sequel been superior to the first?

Aliens doesn’t count, it was more action than horror. Send answers/abuse to the usual address.

Red (October 22)

Why has no one thought of this before?

Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Dame Helen Mirren shooting at anyone who doesn’t get to ride the bus for free. Yes. Continue reading “Upcoming Films Part Two”

The Expendables Review

A review for such a film as this is really quite pointless. If the idea of leathery men blowing up a small army doesn’t appeal, it never will, and no amount of superlatives will convince.

The people who’ve made it to this second paragraph are already interested enough to see the film, and so instead this review will show you how to turn The Expendables into a whole day experience. This is how I spent ManDay 2010.

After a fairly testosterone-free morning, I had a chilli-filled lunch, before going to Lobethal Brewery, where I bought a two-litre growler of beer and drank many high-quality ales. On the way my friends and I cleared a tree from the road; Adelaide Hills residents, you’re welcome. The Rolling Stones were on high volume. Continue reading “The Expendables Review”

UniSA Gamers Association

Holidays are over, university is back in full swing, and with that comes stress. We all have our various avenues to try and get through the stress of working four days a week for a few hours a day, and for the members of the UniSA Gamers Association their outlet is defeating dungeon-dwelling dragons, zombie slaying, or beating the crap out of Princess Peach in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Yes, the Gamers Association (UniSAGA) is not just a group of nerds sitting in a darkened room playing World of Warcraft. The club gathers people to play tactical and role-playing games, as well as card games and video games – both computer and console. Continue reading “UniSA Gamers Association”

How To Not Scare Women

How could UniLifeMag be improved?

 Tips for nerds/inexperienced gentlemen who are considering dating (especially on making “interesting” conversation, although I think planes and planets are quite possibly more interesting).

This gem of a response came from last semester’s UniLifeMag survey, and although the prizes given to survey responders were random, I hope that this guy won the iPod.

So, we present for your enjoyment, and this inexperienced gentleman’s education;

How to not scare women Continue reading “How To Not Scare Women”